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Posts tagged "Drug Charges"

Police seize large amount of cocaine; 3 arrested on drug charges

Louisiana defense counsel must always examine the arrest papers, warrants and affidavits closely when representing a criminal defendant. When the police stop a moving vehicle and make an arrest on drug charges, the investigation by defense counsel must be detailed and thorough. It is always possible that the police have made a mistake in stopping the vehicle, or in their investigation or treatment of the suspect.

Drug charges filed against alleged street gang for marijuana

Louisiana law enforcement agencies are cracking down on street gang activities. In addition to recent arrests by State Police of seven accused gang members on drug charges, the offenses alleged include a new twist. The suspects are accused of engaging in reckless ATV "Ride Outs" that have allegedly caused fatal crashes and hundreds of other dangerous traffic situations.

Police conduct a warrantless car search, drug charges fail

Under the Louisiana Constitution and the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution the right of privacy is established for all persons. The right of privacy often comes up in cases involving drug charges. This usually concerns a search and seizure and the propriety of the police actions under constitutional principles that guarantee privacy rights.

Driver of van for Coroner's Office facing drug charges

Coroners' offices work daily to investigate the causes of death, whether people have died from natural causes, disease or even acts of violence. While coroners often visit the locations where the deaths occur, the victims are usually transported back to their facilities by drivers. These drivers likely see the police routinely in the course of their jobs as officers investigate various deaths. However, one driver for a Louisiana coroner's office recently encountered members of law enforcement in a different capacity when he was arrested on drug charges.

12 arrested for drug crimes

Louisiana law enforcement agencies frequently join forces to crack down on drug activity within the state. Agencies from the local, state and federal levels often work together to reduce the number of drug crimes in the communities. Recently, multiple organizations participated in the arrest of 12 individuals after raids were made on various locations.

Man, girlfriend face drug charges involving another state

There are many different drug crimes in the state of Louisiana, with the penalties varying in severity. Someone may be charged with possession of marijuana or another controlled substance. More serious drug charges include intent to sell or trafficking. A man recently pleaded guilty on several charges for his alleged role in a multi-state operation.

Traffic stop turns into serious drug charges

Traffic stops are often a gateway for Louisiana law enforcement officers to conduct a limited investigation into whether a person has committed or is committing a crime. Something as simple as a broken tail light could quickly turn into an arrest on serious charges. In fact, two men now face drug charges due to a search conducted during a traffic stop.

41 indicted on drug charges in Louisiana

Drug trafficking is noted as a serious problem in many areas around the nation, including Louisiana. Government officials and law enforcement personnel often partner to investigate trafficking networks to curtail drug activities within their constituencies. Recently, several dozens of people were indicted on drug charges following a lengthy operation.

Man facing drug charges after search of his home

Many Louisiana residents and others around the nation utilize online classified advertisement sites to find someone to provide miscellaneous services to them. For example, homeowners often look for someone to clean their homes. However, the house cleaning visits don't typically end up with the homeowner being arrested. A Duson man faces drug charges after police allegedly found various substances in his home.

Man facing alleged drug charges after routine traffic stop

Police officers in Louisiana make routine traffic stops frequently throughout the day. While many of these stops involve driving violations, officials sometimes discover other possible areas of concern. A recent traffic stop resulted in drug charges being filed against a man in Crowley.