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After conviction, DUI expungement may be possible

The good news is that the number of fatal crashes in Louisiana is dropping, possibly due to law enforcement working hard to keep drunk drivers off the road. The bad news for drunk drivers is that the number of DUI arrests over the Labor Day weekend was more than twice that of last year's holiday. While some of those charged with impaired driving were repeat offenders, others may be eligible for DUI expungement.

Clear your record by seeking a DUI expungement

Having a DUI on your record can hurt you in a number of ways. Did you know that you may be able to seek to have it removed by seeking a DUI expungement? While not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish, it can be done under the right circumstances, and a Louisiana criminal defense attorney can help you through the process.

Louisiana man facing weapon and drug charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man who they say was wanted on a domestic violence charge. In their attempt to make the arrest, the accused allegedly fled via car and then by foot. However, a police canine eventually found the accused and he was then taken into custody. He is now facing several criminal charges including weapon and drug charges.

How a DWI expungement can help you

Fair or not, your public legal record can have a profound effect on the way you are perceived by potential employers, landlords, and school officials. Therefore it is very important to keep your record as close to spotless as possible. And if you have received a conviction for driving while intoxicated, it is possible that anyone conducting a background check could find out about it.

What is an aggravated DUI?

In the state of Louisiana, a regular charge for driving under the influence carries with it a variety of severe penalties. Depending on how many previous offenses there are, a person caught and charged with a DUI could be facing a minimum of anywhere from two to 48 days in jail, plus community service. They could also lose their license, making it nearly impossible to make a living.

Can misdemeanor DUI/DWI convictions be expunged in Louisiana?

Among the many impacts a DWI/DUI conviction has on a person is the mark it leaves on their record. An important thing for a person convicted of a Louisiana DWI/DUI offense to know is that they may not have to have the conviction on their public record for the rest of their life.