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drunk driving Archives

Sheriff terminates deputy after 2nd drunk driving offense

The reports of law enforcement officers being arrested in Louisiana and nationwide on various criminal charges seems to be a permanent phenomenon going forward. In the past, the occasional arrest of a police officer was a highly newsworthy event. Now, however, such news is commonplace and it hardly causes much of a ripple in the public eye. Possibly the most reported offense for law enforcement officers is drunk driving.

Drunk driving charge imposed on truck driver after fiery crash

In all states, including Louisiana, the punishment for conviction of a DWI offense will be increased if an accident is caused by the accused during the commission of the offense. The punishment for conviction of drunk driving goes up significantly if the accident is accompanied by property damages. It increases further if the accused causes personal injury or death as a result of the accident.

Man charged with drunk driving after noise ruckus outside store

Louisiana continues to have serious problems with drunk driving offenses and the weight of destruction that they leave in their path. When a driver is severely impaired with alcohol, members of the public and law enforcement officers often do not know what to expect. For example, the police in Calcasieu Parish recently responded to a drunk driving call regarding a man who was allegedly sitting in the driver's seat of a car, slumped over on the steering wheel and pressing on the horn. The car was outside a grocery store in Lake Charles, and the man was also reportedly vomiting at the same time. 

Drunk driving causing death will bring vehicular homicide charge

Louisiana has serious problems with drunk driving violations leading to death and injury. When an accident results in death caused by drunk driving, the offender must confront a whole new rung of the ladder when it comes to the criminal justice system. Although the penalties for DUI are serious, the violator will generally not be incarcerated on a first offense with no complications, damages or injuries. The penalties increase from that point as the impact of the offense intensifies.

Drunk driving suspect accused of homicide

A Louisiana man who was arrested on July 3 has had charges against him upgraded, according to local sources. Police in Baton Rouge arrested the man for suspected drunk driving after he crashed into a bench. The charges have been upgraded to include vehicular homicide now that the victim who had been sitting on the bench at the time has died.

Police charge 18-wheeler driver with drunk driving, hit and run

It is not that often that Louisiana authorities arrest the operator of an 18-wheeler for DWI while driving through city roadways. The Houma police reported recently that they had that distinction when they detained and charged a 35-year-old male with drunk driving and hit and run. The police responded to reports that a rig towing a large box trailer was being recklessly operated on a city street.

Police say man driving lawnmower arrested for drunk driving

Everyone has their own idea of how to enjoy the leisure time of a Saturday evening. One Louisiana man's idea of a good time is not one that most people would consider. The police in Lafourche Parish also did not share the man's idea of a recreational outing. They say that they pulled the 59-year-old over while he was driving a lawnmower on the shoulder of LA 3162 just after midnight on May 22. They eventually arrested him for drunk driving.

Louisiana man accused of drunk driving in crash

A man in Covington has been charged following a car crash that killed a 1-month-old baby and injured several other people. Louisiana State Police say they have reason to believe the 62-year-old man was drunk driving when the accident took place. If he is found guilty, he could face fines, the loss of his license and serious prison time.

Man arrested by state police for 4th-offense drunk driving

Louisiana has numerous persons who are repeat offenders of DWI offenses. It is well-known that as the number and intensity of offenses increase, the punishment meted out by the court will also be intensified. Sentences in prison can result for those who repeatedly get into trouble with drunk driving arrests and convictions.