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What happens when I'm stopped for drunk driving?

Traffic stops are often seen as a routine, albeit inconvenient, aspect of driving. However, for those accused of driving while under the influence, a traffic stop may be anything but. Many drunk driving charges in Louisiana stem from traffic stops, and it is important for drivers to understand the process.

Charged with aggravated drunk driving? This could be why

Charges for driving under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana are serious enough as is, but certain charges can be even more severe. Aggravated drunk driving charges are usually filed when certain factors are present during a DUI arrest. These charges also tend to carry potentially enhanced consequences that can impact a defendant's future.

What happens if I'm arrested for drunk driving?

Being arrested for driving under the influence is an understandably frightening ordeal. You likely understand just how serious the matter is, as Louisiana laws do not leave wiggle room for the nuance of human behavior, decision making and even the misguided judgment of law enforcement officials. When dealing with drunk driving charges, it is best to have experience on your side.

Drunk driving arrests could increase soon

Some people in Louisiana may soon see an increased number of police officers on the road. Backed by a grant, one sheriff's office plans to increase checkpoints, officers and dedicated traffic patrols as they target a handful of violations. Although the department plans to go after a number of traffic violations, they have singled out potential drunk drivers at the top of their list.

Driver faces multiple charges for alleged drunk driving accident

Charges for driving while intoxicated can be especially serious when filed alongside other criminal allegations. A man in Louisiana is currently facing multiple charges for what authorities describe as a drunk driving accident. Two people -- including the driver -- were injured in the wreck, and another was killed.

Fatal accident leads to drunk driving homicide charges

Blood alcohol concentration tests are not always reliable. Nevertheless, when drivers in Louisiana find their BAC measures .08 or higher, they may conclude there is no reason to fight the drunk driving charges against them. However, this is not always the best course of action. In fact, for many, accepting the charges and their potential penalties may disrupt their lives in unimaginable ways.

Saints player facing drunk driving charges

Willie Snead, a player for the New Orleans Saints, is facing criminal charges related to an intoxicated driving accident in June. Earlier in the summer, he was arrested and charged with drunk driving and for failing to remain in control of his vehicle. The arrest came after law enforcement arrived on the scene of the accident and allegedly noticed signs of possible intoxication.

Drunk driving charges for Louisiana man after fatal accident

Driving under the influence is never acceptable, and those who do so place others' lives in danger. However, it is also true that Louisiana law enforcement may sometimes be overly zealous in their attempts to stop drunk driving. Additionally, tests that determine the intoxication of a driver are not always reliable, and the precision of this kind of evidence is crucial when a driver is accused of vehicular homicide.

Louisiana drunk driving charge filed against 2 people

Criminal charges for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are treated seriously in Louisiana, which is understandable. If police suspect someone of being a drunk driver, that individual will likely be stopped and questioned. Many times, field sobriety tests and a Breathalyzer test will be administered. If the driver fails, an arrest will likely follow.

Drunk driving leaves Louisiana teen with severe injuries

It can be tragic when an accident happens that leaves a person injured. This is especially true when the victim is a child or teen. This is what occurred in Louisiana on a warm spring evening in 2008, when the lives of two people were changed forever as a result of drunk driving.