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drug charges Archives

Carlos Henderson arrested on drug charges

National Football League fans usually expect to see athletes make headlines for impressive plays, but an NFL player recently made news when he was arrested. Carlos Henderson -- a wide receiver for the Broncos -- currently faces drug charges in Louisiana. The arrest came after a speed-related traffic stop.

Animal cruelty, drug charges filed against Louisiana vet

A veterinarian was recently arrested for allegedly killing a neighbor's dog. In addition to charges for aggravated animal cruelty and illegally discharging a firearm, she is also facing drug charges. Since her arrest, she was let go from her position at a Louisiana veterinary clinic.

Facing drug charges? Understanding your situation is key

Crimes involving illegal substances are a serious matter that should be handled as such. Often, Louisiana authorities handle all drug charges with a similar heavy hand and without much discretion for each person's unique situation. When facing charges for possession, it is important to be vigilant with your criminal defense preparations. This often starts with gaining a better understanding of your charges.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for husband-wife duo

Louisiana police claim that a regular apartment was the hub of a far-reaching drug operation. A husband and wife duo were arrested and face several drug charges for allegedly running the operation from their home. After a search of the residence, police also filed charges for money laundering and gun violations, and they are currently still investigating the matter.

Don't let drug charges ruin your life

Criminal allegations of any kind can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. Drug charges in particular can be especially devastating, as the criminal consequences tend to be severe, and a criminal record can follow you for years to come. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Louisiana, you could be facing years in jail.

Louisiana police file drug charges after traffic stops

Louisiana police filed multiple charges following a traffic stop. The driver faces serious allegations, including several drug charges, careless operation, switched tags and several more. He is apparently still in police custody at an area correctional facility.

Drug charges among slew of allegations mother faces after crash

A Louisiana mother is facing a slew of criminal charges related to a hit-and-run accident. She was arrested approximately two weeks after the accident, as she was initially placed in a hospital for necessary medical treatment. She is currently in police custody on drug charges and many other criminal allegations.

Corey Feldman faces drug charges in Louisiana

Corey Feldman might be best known for his acting in popular movies, like "The Goonies" and "The Lost Boys," but he recently made national news for something much different. Feldman is currently facing drug charges after marijuana was found in his vehicle. He was held by Louisiana authorities for only a short time after his arrest.

Louisiana police officer faces drug charges

Police officers are held to a higher standard, especially when it comes to avoiding any participation in criminal activity. When rumors surface of an officer facing accusations for criminal conduct, the public is often quick to judge before the evidence is presented. Recently, a Louisiana police officer was named after an investigation into suspected illegal activity. The officer is now facing drug charges and other accusations.

Even minor drug charges merit a strong defense

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you know that there is much at stake. Your personal freedoms are at risk, and you could be saddled with other fines and penalties that may affect multiple areas of your life. This is true for Louisiana residents who are currently under investigation for drug charges or are already dealing with a drug charge, even a minor one.