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Man accused of hunting illegally must focus on criminal defense

A Louisiana man is facing a slew of charges for allegedly violating state hunting laws. At last update he was still in police custody and may be facing thousands of dollars in fines and jail time for multiple violations, including hunting from a public road. As his case moves forward, he is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: 67-year-old man arrested for phishing scam

Most people are likely familiar with the "Nigerian prince" email scam, and Louisiana police claim they recently arrested one of the so-called princes. A Louisiana man is currently behind bars for allegedly engaging in the well-known email scam, and he is facing hundreds of counts for wire fraud and at least one money laundering charge. For most defendants, a thorough and well-constructed criminal defense is key to minimizing the impact of serious charges.

Criminal defense: Hit-and-run driver facing felony charges

Louisiana police say that the man responsible for a fatal hit-and-run accident turned himself in only a short while after the crash. It is not clear why the driver initially fled the scene of the pedestrian accident. He is now facing felony charges, which can require a more vigorous criminal defense approach than misdemeanors.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man charged for impersonating officer

A man who claimed to be a Louisiana State Police trooper was arrested by officers that he claimed were colleagues. He has since been charged with impersonating an officer, which could require a vigorous criminal defense plan to minimize the impact on his future. He is also charged with public intimidation.

Comprehensive criminal defense is key to success

Few life events are quite as frightening as facing criminal allegations. Many Louisiana defendants feel understandably confused and overwhelmed when faced with potential jail time and a criminal record. While this can feel isolating, you are not alone -- planning a comprehensive criminal defense alongside an experienced counsel can be incredibly helpful for anyone accused of a crime.

Criminal defense: 10 charged in fraternity hazing death

The fraternity Phi Delta Theta closed its chapter at Louisiana State University after the recent death of one of its pledge members. Ten students were arrested on charges related to the young man's death. Police report that all ten suspects voluntarily turned themselves in, and it is likely that they have begun criminal defense preparations.

Early criminal defense plans essential for DUI charges

Few criminal charges have the same real-world impact as those for drunk driving. Even first time offenders can face jail time, fines and the loss of their driving privileges. When faced with allegations of driving under the influence in Louisiana, it is incredibly important to begin considering all possible criminal defense options as early on as possible.

Criminal defense needs differs for misdemeanor and felony DWIs

Drunk driving charges tend to get lumped into one, broad category that many people in Louisiana perceive as the same thing. While the differences between misdemeanor and felony DWI charges can sometimes -- although not always -- be subtle, the consequences can vary greatly. Felonies typically carry harsher penalties if convicted and usually require a different criminal defense approach. These are just a few situations that sometimes lead to felony drunk driving charges.

Criminal defense may include questioning validity of evidence

Criminal investigations may take years to complete, and even then police may find no resolution. When the case involves a murder, investigators may feel especially driven to make an arrest and bring closure to family members and loved ones of the victim. While the evidence against someone accused of such crimes may seem foolproof, a strong criminal defense may certainly bring some doubt upon the validity of that evidence.

Many changes to Louisiana laws including for criminal defense

There are many new laws coming to Louisiana this month. In fact, a recent report suggests that there are over 200 changes being made to the state's laws. Many of these could affect those who have been accused of a crime and must present a criminal defense.