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Infotainment systems may lead to distracted driving accidents

You, like most other Louisiana drivers, likely know that distracted driving can pose a serious risk to you and others on the roadways. You may remain vigilant about ensuring that you do not pick up your cellphone while behind the wheel and do your best to remain focused on the task of driving. Of course, small distractions affect everyone, and you may have to pull yourself back from time to time due to letting your thoughts wander.

After a car accident: Steps to take, pitfalls to avoid

An unexpected car accident can be upsetting as well as damaging financially. You may face the loss of your property as well as suffer from injuries sustained in the incident. In the immediate aftermath, you may not be sure exactly how to handle what is happening. Everything is moving fast, and there is lots of communication and possible confusion.

Injured in a motorcycle collision? Fight back

You've been itching to get out on the open road on your motorcycle. So, when you finally make it there, you feel as though you're in heaven. However, you see a car approach you without stopping, and suddenly, it strikes your bike and injures you. In a matter of seconds, your heavenly ride has turned into a hellacious ordeal.

Higher speed limits a surprising factor in car accidents

As a careful driver, you take all the necessary safety precautions behind the wheel. You wear your seat belt, keep a watchful eye out for other drivers and keep to the posted speed limit. While this certainly lowers your chances of being involved in a wreck, it does not protect you from reckless drivers.

Reducing the odds of an accident when walking near traffic

There are a multitude of reasons you may prefer walking from place to place as opposed to driving. Aside from being a healthier form of travel, you may also feel walking is much safer, especially with the ever-increasing number of vehicles out on the roads.