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October 2018 Archives

Registered sex offender may have criminal defense to charges

Louisiana has its fair share of registered sex offenders. The problem with them is not generally that they repeat their offenses. Most of them encounter trouble by not properly reporting under the sex offender registration law, according to police and criminal defense attorneys.

Drug charges after traffic stop must pass constitutional muster

Traffic stops account for a significant percentage of the drug crimes charged each year in Louisiana. There are specific constitutional restraints, however, that police must meet regarding drug charges arising out of a traffic stop. The first consideration is that the police may not stop a vehicle without a reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed and/or that a traffic offense is occurring.

Attempted murder, drug charges filed against man re car chase

Unarmed suspects in Louisiana and nationwide have been shot by police, sometimes fatally, in a pattern of similar controversial incidents in recent years. The cloak of suspicion has been cast on police behavior because the suspect is usually unarmed, leaving few if any legitimate reasons to justify police use of deadly force. A twist on those facts occurred on Oct. 6 in Houma when the suspect allegedly weaponized his car in trying to run down and kill a sheriff's deputy, according to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office. The incident ultimately resulted in the suspect's arrest for several offenses, including attempted murder, property destruction and drug charges for possession of crystal meth.

Man asserts criminal defense to arson and assault charges

Arson is a serious crime in Louisiana that can carry a substantial prison sentence. The seriousness of the punishment is distinguished by the level of damages that are caused. If the damages are less than $500, the punishment carries a fine and a sentence of imprisonment up to five years without hard labor. If the damage is more than $500, the fine can be much higher and sentence of imprisonment can reach as high as 15 years with or without hard labor. Presenting a criminal defense to a charge of arson requires strong representation by a defense attorney as soon as practically possible.