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Drunk driving charge imposed on truck driver after fiery crash

| Sep 28, 2018 | drunk driving

In all states, including Louisiana, the punishment for conviction of a DWI offense will be increased if an accident is caused by the accused during the commission of the offense. The punishment for conviction of drunk driving goes up significantly if the accident is accompanied by property damages. It increases further if the accused causes personal injury or death as a result of the accident.

A truck driver accused of drunk driving will face enhanced punishment after being arrested on Sept. 22 on Interstate I-10 in Prairieville. Louisiana State Police accuse the 55-year-old tractor-trailer driver of driving drunk and causing an accident in which his truck struck concrete construction barriers and a guard rail. The collision resulted in a rupture to the fuel tank of the truck. Police say the accused kept driving after the collision until it was clear that there was a substantial fire that would destroy most of the vehicle.

According to the state troopers, the driver displayed several signs of impairment when they confronted him at the scene. It is not reported whether they administered any field tests at that time. They had him transported to a hospital for minor injuries and continued their investigation. The police apparently had the suspect taken to the Ascension Parish Jail after he was treated at the hospital.

Police say that a toxicology sample was taken, presumably after the suspect arrived at the jail station. The officers arrested the man for drunk driving and careless operation. Due to the procedural requirements and protocols that must be followed by the Louisiana authorities in such situations, the accused will be best served by consulting with a criminal defense attorney that is experienced in the defense of DWI allegations in the state.