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July 2018 Archives

Police must prove drug charges against junior high teacher

Curious police procedures in Louisiana and other states are sometimes successful, but on occasion they may allow the accused a chance to interdict a viable defense. The procedures used by the police in arresting a 43-year-old female teacher recently for drug charges, including distribution and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, may be suspect. Only time will tell whether the police made any significant mistakes.

Former officer charged with vehicular homicide

Facing criminal charges means having much at stake. In addition to the uncertainty the future holds, there is also the potential damage to one's personal and professional lives, especially if the person in question works as a public servant. One Louisiana man is likely dealing with these issues following an accident that resulted in charges of vehicular homicide.

Police seize large amount of cocaine; 3 arrested on drug charges

Louisiana defense counsel must always examine the arrest papers, warrants and affidavits closely when representing a criminal defendant. When the police stop a moving vehicle and make an arrest on drug charges, the investigation by defense counsel must be detailed and thorough. It is always possible that the police have made a mistake in stopping the vehicle, or in their investigation or treatment of the suspect.

Drunk driving suspect accused of homicide

A Louisiana man who was arrested on July 3 has had charges against him upgraded, according to local sources. Police in Baton Rouge arrested the man for suspected drunk driving after he crashed into a bench. The charges have been upgraded to include vehicular homicide now that the victim who had been sitting on the bench at the time has died.

Semi-truck accident can leave you with physical, financial scars

You make your way along the highway with the expectation that you will reach your workplace relatively quickly. However, a commercial truck stops you in your tracks -- literally -- by colliding into you and causing you injuries. Now, instead of focusing on your job tasks, your mind is on how to handle the serious truck accident you have just experienced.

Boating under the influence similar to other impairment offenses

In Louisiana, boating while drunk or impaired is a criminal offense similar to driving a vehicle when impaired. The proof of a boating under the influence offense and the punishment meted out for a conviction follow virtually the same rules. The parish sheriff's departments all have special units for law enforcement of boating operations. These enforcement units patrol the waterways applicable to their respective jurisdictions.