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May 2018 Archives

Drug charges filed against alleged street gang for marijuana

Louisiana law enforcement agencies are cracking down on street gang activities. In addition to recent arrests by State Police of seven accused gang members on drug charges, the offenses alleged include a new twist. The suspects are accused of engaging in reckless ATV "Ride Outs" that have allegedly caused fatal crashes and hundreds of other dangerous traffic situations.

Police conduct a warrantless car search, drug charges fail

Under the Louisiana Constitution and the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution the right of privacy is established for all persons. The right of privacy often comes up in cases involving drug charges. This usually concerns a search and seizure and the propriety of the police actions under constitutional principles that guarantee privacy rights.

Louisiana man accused of drunk driving in crash

A man in Covington has been charged following a car crash that killed a 1-month-old baby and injured several other people. Louisiana State Police say they have reason to believe the 62-year-old man was drunk driving when the accident took place. If he is found guilty, he could face fines, the loss of his license and serious prison time.

Man arrested by state police for 4th-offense drunk driving

Louisiana has numerous persons who are repeat offenders of DWI offenses. It is well-known that as the number and intensity of offenses increase, the punishment meted out by the court will also be intensified. Sentences in prison can result for those who repeatedly get into trouble with drunk driving arrests and convictions.

New law could reduce the number of student criminal defense cases

The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed a new bill to combat hazing on college campuses. If the bill passes into law, that could lead to a reduction in criminal charges for college students associated or involved with hazing activities that lead to injury or death. Structuring a criminal defense for these young people is a critical part of protecting their futures.