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April 2018 Archives

Driver charged with vehicular homicide after running red light

Many drivers have likely run a red light at some point in their lives. Most have likely been distracted in some way and have simply driven through the intersection. Drivers would count themselves fortunate should they come away from running a red light with no consequences. Others may receive traffic citations or have to deal with the aftermath of minor accidents. However, one Louisiana man was recently arrested on a vehicular homicide charge and other charges when he allegedly crashed into a car after running a traffic light.

Driver of van for Coroner's Office facing drug charges

Coroners' offices work daily to investigate the causes of death, whether people have died from natural causes, disease or even acts of violence. While coroners often visit the locations where the deaths occur, the victims are usually transported back to their facilities by drivers. These drivers likely see the police routinely in the course of their jobs as officers investigate various deaths. However, one driver for a Louisiana coroner's office recently encountered members of law enforcement in a different capacity when he was arrested on drug charges.

High school coach suspected of drunk driving

Baseball season is in "full swing" at many Louisiana high schools and others around the country. Most coaches are concerning themselves with pitching rotations, batting lineups, run production and other statistics. However, one high school coach likely has much more on his mind right now following his recent arrest for drunk driving.

12 arrested for drug crimes

Louisiana law enforcement agencies frequently join forces to crack down on drug activity within the state. Agencies from the local, state and federal levels often work together to reduce the number of drug crimes in the communities. Recently, multiple organizations participated in the arrest of 12 individuals after raids were made on various locations.

Man, girlfriend face drug charges involving another state

There are many different drug crimes in the state of Louisiana, with the penalties varying in severity. Someone may be charged with possession of marijuana or another controlled substance. More serious drug charges include intent to sell or trafficking. A man recently pleaded guilty on several charges for his alleged role in a multi-state operation.

Judge rules blood test is admissable in vehicle homicide trial

A Lamborghini is a luxury sports car favored by drivers. With the capability of exceeding 100 miles per hour, many motorists love the opportunity to push the boundaries of speed when possible. However, driving at such a high rate of speed after allegedly drinking alcohol is not a good combination. A woman was killed in a 2016 crash involving speed and apparent drunk driving. A Louisiana man charged with vehicular homicide after that accident learned recently that certain evidence will be admissible in his trial.