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Criminal defense: Man charged with robbery after bank incident

| Mar 30, 2018 | criminal defense

There are many different classifications of robbery and theft in the state of Louisiana. Being charged with any of these would precipitate the need to mount a criminal defense. A man was recently arrested after police claimed he robbed a bank.

A 54-year-old man entered a bank one afternoon and began speaking to a teller. According to reports, he told the teller to give him money. The documents state that the man said he would shoot the teller if she did not give him the money. The teller stated that the man kept a hand underneath his clothes, where she noticed a bulge. This prompted her to believe that the man was armed.

The man apparently left the bank with cash in a gray car, according to security footage. The footage also revealed that the man was wearing a yellow reflective vest at the time he approached the teller. He was identified when someone recognized him in media reports and submitted a tip to the New Orleans Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was reportedly located in the Houston area after the tip and was arrested by the Violent Offender Crime Task Force of the FBI. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department also assisted in the arrest. The FBI Houston Field Office and the New Orleans Police Department participated in the investigation as well.

Anyone facing charges of theft or robbery should contact a Louisiana criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A trusted lawyer will work with clients to develop the best defense possible. The goal of a strong defense team is to minimize the negative impact of the charges on a person’s life.

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