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March 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: Man charged with robbery after bank incident

There are many different classifications of robbery and theft in the state of Louisiana. Being charged with any of these would precipitate the need to mount a criminal defense. A man was recently arrested after police claimed he robbed a bank.

Traffic stop turns into serious drug charges

Traffic stops are often a gateway for Louisiana law enforcement officers to conduct a limited investigation into whether a person has committed or is committing a crime. Something as simple as a broken tail light could quickly turn into an arrest on serious charges. In fact, two men now face drug charges due to a search conducted during a traffic stop.

Yes, boating under the influence is a real thing in Louisiana

It is spring here in Louisiana, and as the weather improves, many people may be preparing to take to the state's waterways. As you prepare your boat for the season, you may also benefit from reacquainting yourself with the laws. One that many people tend to forget about is boating under the influence, which you may also forget is a real charge that can have real impacts on your life.

Facing another drunk driving charge?

It happened. You were driving down the road, minding your own business, when you were pulled over by Louisiana police for suspected drunk driving. After going through all the field sobriety tests, you were arrested and taken to jail. This is not the first time this has happened to you and now you are concerned about what this will mean for your future.

41 indicted on drug charges in Louisiana

Drug trafficking is noted as a serious problem in many areas around the nation, including Louisiana. Government officials and law enforcement personnel often partner to investigate trafficking networks to curtail drug activities within their constituencies. Recently, several dozens of people were indicted on drug charges following a lengthy operation.

Mother arrested for vehicular homicide when car seat failed

Losing a child is one of the most tragic events that can occur in someone's life. When the deaths are caused by accidents, parents would naturally question every action they took when attempting to understand how the event occurred. While one Louisiana woman is grappling with the loss of her child and what she might have done differently, she unfortunately has another major concern. The mother has been arrested on charges of vehicular homicide following a recent car crash.

Infotainment systems may lead to distracted driving accidents

You, like most other Louisiana drivers, likely know that distracted driving can pose a serious risk to you and others on the roadways. You may remain vigilant about ensuring that you do not pick up your cellphone while behind the wheel and do your best to remain focused on the task of driving. Of course, small distractions affect everyone, and you may have to pull yourself back from time to time due to letting your thoughts wander.