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Man facing alleged drug charges after routine traffic stop

| Feb 15, 2018 | drug charges

Police officers in Louisiana make routine traffic stops frequently throughout the day. While many of these stops involve driving violations, officials sometimes discover other possible areas of concern. A recent traffic stop resulted in drug charges being filed against a man in Crowley.

Narcotics agents from the Crowley Police Department attempted to pull a driver over after they witnessed numerous safety violations. Instead of immediately stopping, the motorist continued driving before finally pulling into a driveway of a house. A 25-year-old man was reported to be the driver. The man evidently tried to get into the house at that time but was unable to enter.

Police allege that the man appeared nervous and acted as though he may flee the scene. Reports show that he did not have his driver’s license. Officers then searched the man as well as the area by the front door of the home. They supposedly found powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana and crystal methamphetamine. The man was charged with possession of crack cocaine and marijuana as well as possession with intent to distribute meth and cocaine.

Facing drug charges of any type can be daunting for Louisiana residents, leaving them at a loss about what to do. It would be beneficial for anyone facing such charges to contact a respected criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  A lawyer is well-equipped to advise someone on the legal process and how best to proceed, given the specific circumstances of the charges. A dedicated legal team will work tirelessly to present the strongest defense possible for their clients.

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