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February 2018 Archives

Man facing drug charges after search of his home

Many Louisiana residents and others around the nation utilize online classified advertisement sites to find someone to provide miscellaneous services to them. For example, homeowners often look for someone to clean their homes. However, the house cleaning visits don't typically end up with the homeowner being arrested. A Duson man faces drug charges after police allegedly found various substances in his home.

Campaign results in drunk driving charges for 70 motorists

Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout Louisiana with a variety of parties, parades and other celebrations. While the majority of these events serve alcoholic beverages to partygoers, individuals are strongly encouraged to not drink and drive. One state police troop recently participated in a state-wide campaign that resulted in over 70 people being charged with alleged drunk driving.

Criminal defense: 2 arrested following incident in drive-thru

Most Louisiana residents have been the recipient of an incorrect order at a fast food restaurant's drive-thru window at one time or another. Customers are typically appreciative when the establishment acknowledges the mistake and offers to rectify the error. However, two Shreveport residents are likely now focused on a criminal defense after they allegedly threatened a restaurant's employees with a handgun while at the drive-thru window.

Man facing alleged drug charges after routine traffic stop

Police officers in Louisiana make routine traffic stops frequently throughout the day. While many of these stops involve driving violations, officials sometimes discover other possible areas of concern. A recent traffic stop resulted in drug charges being filed against a man in Crowley.

After a car accident: Steps to take, pitfalls to avoid

An unexpected car accident can be upsetting as well as damaging financially. You may face the loss of your property as well as suffer from injuries sustained in the incident. In the immediate aftermath, you may not be sure exactly how to handle what is happening. Everything is moving fast, and there is lots of communication and possible confusion.

Multi-agency operation results in 26 arrested on drug charges

Investigations of alleged drug operations in Louisiana and elsewhere around the country often last for an extended period of time. There are frequently multiple organizations that work together over the course of the investigation, requiring coordination of efforts. Several agencies recently concluded an operation that lasted almost two years, resulting in drug charges against 26 people.

Thibodaux man facing drunk driving charge after traffic stop

When someone is spotted driving the wrong way on a one way street in Louisiana, he or she is likely to be stopped by the police. While that is typically cause to receive a ticket for a traffic violation, more problems can arise if the driver is suspected to have been drinking while driving. A wrong-way driver was recently arrested for alleged drunk driving in Thibodaux.