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January 2018 Archives

3 facing drug charges after search of home

Police in Louisiana routinely conduct searches as part of their investigations. Warrants are typically issued after law enforcement officials have petitioned the court for the appropriate authority to search someone's property. Three residents of Violet have been arrested on drug charges following a recent search of their home.

Criminal defense: 3 teens charged with armed robbery

Virtually everyone makes mistakes in their youth, but some actions carry more consequences than others. Three Louisiana teenagers are now likely focusing on their criminal defense needs rather than their high school assignments after their recent arrests. Police say the three boys were involved in an armed robbery in which no one was harmed.

Criminal defense key for man charged in bear's killing

Although it is a hobby enjoyed by many people, hunting is strictly regulated in Louisiana. Hunting animals outside of specific seasons can lead to serious charges that require a vigorous criminal defense. This may be the case for an area man who was recently charged for illegally possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and for taking a bear during a closed season.

Carlos Henderson arrested on drug charges

National Football League fans usually expect to see athletes make headlines for impressive plays, but an NFL player recently made news when he was arrested. Carlos Henderson -- a wide receiver for the Broncos -- currently faces drug charges in Louisiana. The arrest came after a speed-related traffic stop.

Injured in a motorcycle collision? Fight back

You've been itching to get out on the open road on your motorcycle. So, when you finally make it there, you feel as though you're in heaven. However, you see a car approach you without stopping, and suddenly, it strikes your bike and injures you. In a matter of seconds, your heavenly ride has turned into a hellacious ordeal.

Man accused of hunting illegally must focus on criminal defense

A Louisiana man is facing a slew of charges for allegedly violating state hunting laws. At last update he was still in police custody and may be facing thousands of dollars in fines and jail time for multiple violations, including hunting from a public road. As his case moves forward, he is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: 67-year-old man arrested for phishing scam

Most people are likely familiar with the "Nigerian prince" email scam, and Louisiana police claim they recently arrested one of the so-called princes. A Louisiana man is currently behind bars for allegedly engaging in the well-known email scam, and he is facing hundreds of counts for wire fraud and at least one money laundering charge. For most defendants, a thorough and well-constructed criminal defense is key to minimizing the impact of serious charges.

Vehicular homicide charges filed for fatal Christmas Eve wreck

A fatal car accident led to the Christmas Eve arrest of a Louisiana woman. She is still in the custody of Louisiana authorities and is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide. Police also filed additional charges related to an earlier wreck they believe the driver was involved in.