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Traffic stop leads to drug charges for husband-wife duo

| Dec 14, 2017 | drug charges

Louisiana police claim that a regular apartment was the hub of a far-reaching drug operation. A husband and wife duo were arrested and face several drug charges for allegedly running the operation from their home. After a search of the residence, police also filed charges for money laundering and gun violations, and they are currently still investigating the matter.

The investigation into a possible drug operation started with a traffic stop. Police pulled over a 36-year-old man and, during a search of his vehicle, allegedly found approximately $72,000. He was arrested and charged with money laundering, but police continued investigating where the money may have come from. They claim that the evidence uncovered during that investigation led them back to the apartment he shared with his wife.

Cash, drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearms and other items possibly related to drug distribution were supposedly found in the apartment. Police say they discovered large amounts of heroin purportedly worth nearly $830,000 and $10,000 worth of cash. The drugs were found alongside guns in a safe, for which police had a search warrant. A vacuum sealer, hydraulic press and currency counter were found elsewhere in the apartment.

Drug charges have serious consequences in Louisiana. Many defendants understandably worry about the possibility of jail time and associated fines, or the impact that a criminal record may have on their future. These fears can usually be minimized when defendants take the time to conduct thorough reviews of their charges under their respective counsel’s guidance. This can provide a more nuanced understanding of each person’s unique situation, which is useful when constructing a careful criminal defense.

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