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December 2017 Archives

What happens when I'm stopped for drunk driving?

Traffic stops are often seen as a routine, albeit inconvenient, aspect of driving. However, for those accused of driving while under the influence, a traffic stop may be anything but. Many drunk driving charges in Louisiana stem from traffic stops, and it is important for drivers to understand the process.

Animal cruelty, drug charges filed against Louisiana vet

A veterinarian was recently arrested for allegedly killing a neighbor's dog. In addition to charges for aggravated animal cruelty and illegally discharging a firearm, she is also facing drug charges. Since her arrest, she was let go from her position at a Louisiana veterinary clinic.

Facing drug charges? Understanding your situation is key

Crimes involving illegal substances are a serious matter that should be handled as such. Often, Louisiana authorities handle all drug charges with a similar heavy hand and without much discretion for each person's unique situation. When facing charges for possession, it is important to be vigilant with your criminal defense preparations. This often starts with gaining a better understanding of your charges.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for husband-wife duo

Louisiana police claim that a regular apartment was the hub of a far-reaching drug operation. A husband and wife duo were arrested and face several drug charges for allegedly running the operation from their home. After a search of the residence, police also filed charges for money laundering and gun violations, and they are currently still investigating the matter.

Criminal defense: Hit-and-run driver facing felony charges

Louisiana police say that the man responsible for a fatal hit-and-run accident turned himself in only a short while after the crash. It is not clear why the driver initially fled the scene of the pedestrian accident. He is now facing felony charges, which can require a more vigorous criminal defense approach than misdemeanors.

Higher speed limits a surprising factor in car accidents

As a careful driver, you take all the necessary safety precautions behind the wheel. You wear your seat belt, keep a watchful eye out for other drivers and keep to the posted speed limit. While this certainly lowers your chances of being involved in a wreck, it does not protect you from reckless drivers.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man charged for impersonating officer

A man who claimed to be a Louisiana State Police trooper was arrested by officers that he claimed were colleagues. He has since been charged with impersonating an officer, which could require a vigorous criminal defense plan to minimize the impact on his future. He is also charged with public intimidation.