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Louisiana woman charged with vehicular homicide after crash

| Nov 16, 2017 | vehicular assault or homicide

The driver of a fatal, single-vehicle accident was recently arrested by Louisiana police. Three people — including the driver — were injured in the wreck, and one other was killed. Charged with vehicular homicide amid other allegations, the driver is still in police custody and bond has not been set.

The 27-year-old woman was driving on LA 83 when she apparently veered off the roadway, although it is not clear why. Police say she then overcorrected as she attempted to return to her lane. Instead, the vehicle slid across to the other side of the highway, drove into a ditch and rolled.

The driver and two of her minor passengers were all wearing seatbelts and suffered only minor injuries, for which they were taken to an area hospital. Unfortunately, a two-year-old child was improperly restrained in her car seat, and the force of the crash threw her out of the vehicle. The child suffered serious injuries from the wreck, and she was later pronounced dead at a hospital. It is not clear if the driver was related to the three minors in her car at the time of the accident.

Police filed charges for vehicular homicide, not having a proper child restraint, negligent injuring and several other allegations, including drug possession. Charges involving minors are almost always handled quite seriously in Louisiana, and the potential consequences can be profound. In most cases, defendants can help minimize the impact on their lives by taking the time to carefully review each charge and related evidence, which can be especially helpful when done under the guidance of an experienced counsel.

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