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Louisiana police file drug charges after traffic stops

| Nov 21, 2017 | drug charges

Louisiana police filed multiple charges following a traffic stop. The driver faces serious allegations, including several drug charges, careless operation, switched tags and several more. He is apparently still in police custody at an area correctional facility.

Police say that they spotted a vehicle weaving across several traffic lanes and initiated a traffic stop. The 45-year-old driver told the attending officers that he was weaving because he had been eating peanuts, so he used his knee to steer. However, his license was apparently suspended, and he was initially arrested on such charges.

Authorities later performed an inventory of the man’s car, and in the process supposedly found drug paraphernalia and various pills that were not in their prescription bottles. A search of his person at the police station allegedly turned up methamphetamine concealed inside his pants. He was then charged with several counts for possessing a Schedule II drug, six counts for possessing a schedule IV drug, possessing drug paraphernalia and bringing contraband into a jail.

Facing multiple criminal allegations can be understandably frightening, especially with how serious Louisiana treats drug charges. Defendants must deal with not only the potential criminal consequences of jail time, but the personal and professional impact that often accompanies a criminal record. These effects can often be minimized, however, by early and vigorous reviews of all charges and evidence alongside respective counsels. Doing so can provide a solid criminal defense foundation, on which defendants can more fully craft their plans, whether that be to fully fight the allegations throughout criminal court proceedings, or to negotiate a plea deal for lesser charges.

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