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November 2017 Archives

Charged with aggravated drunk driving? This could be why

Charges for driving under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana are serious enough as is, but certain charges can be even more severe. Aggravated drunk driving charges are usually filed when certain factors are present during a DUI arrest. These charges also tend to carry potentially enhanced consequences that can impact a defendant's future.

Don't let drug charges ruin your life

Criminal allegations of any kind can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. Drug charges in particular can be especially devastating, as the criminal consequences tend to be severe, and a criminal record can follow you for years to come. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Louisiana, you could be facing years in jail.

Louisiana police file drug charges after traffic stops

Louisiana police filed multiple charges following a traffic stop. The driver faces serious allegations, including several drug charges, careless operation, switched tags and several more. He is apparently still in police custody at an area correctional facility.

Louisiana woman charged with vehicular homicide after crash

The driver of a fatal, single-vehicle accident was recently arrested by Louisiana police. Three people -- including the driver -- were injured in the wreck, and one other was killed. Charged with vehicular homicide amid other allegations, the driver is still in police custody and bond has not been set.

Comprehensive criminal defense is key to success

Few life events are quite as frightening as facing criminal allegations. Many Louisiana defendants feel understandably confused and overwhelmed when faced with potential jail time and a criminal record. While this can feel isolating, you are not alone -- planning a comprehensive criminal defense alongside an experienced counsel can be incredibly helpful for anyone accused of a crime.

Boating under the influence can have serious consequences

Ask perhaps anyone if driving while under the influence of alcohol is allowed, and most people would say "no." However, boating under the influence might be less clear. Many people in Louisiana enjoy going out on the water and enjoying a few beverages, but not everyone is aware of the potential legal implications of doing so.

What happens if I'm arrested for drunk driving?

Being arrested for driving under the influence is an understandably frightening ordeal. You likely understand just how serious the matter is, as Louisiana laws do not leave wiggle room for the nuance of human behavior, decision making and even the misguided judgment of law enforcement officials. When dealing with drunk driving charges, it is best to have experience on your side.

Drug charges among slew of allegations mother faces after crash

A Louisiana mother is facing a slew of criminal charges related to a hit-and-run accident. She was arrested approximately two weeks after the accident, as she was initially placed in a hospital for necessary medical treatment. She is currently in police custody on drug charges and many other criminal allegations.