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September 2017 Archives

Driver faces multiple charges for alleged drunk driving accident

Charges for driving while intoxicated can be especially serious when filed alongside other criminal allegations. A man in Louisiana is currently facing multiple charges for what authorities describe as a drunk driving accident. Two people -- including the driver -- were injured in the wreck, and another was killed.

Criminal defense needs differs for misdemeanor and felony DWIs

Drunk driving charges tend to get lumped into one, broad category that many people in Louisiana perceive as the same thing. While the differences between misdemeanor and felony DWI charges can sometimes -- although not always -- be subtle, the consequences can vary greatly. Felonies typically carry harsher penalties if convicted and usually require a different criminal defense approach. These are just a few situations that sometimes lead to felony drunk driving charges.

Fatal accident leads to drunk driving homicide charges

Blood alcohol concentration tests are not always reliable. Nevertheless, when drivers in Louisiana find their BAC measures .08 or higher, they may conclude there is no reason to fight the drunk driving charges against them. However, this is not always the best course of action. In fact, for many, accepting the charges and their potential penalties may disrupt their lives in unimaginable ways.

Boating under the influence is no way to end summer

Summer may be quickly coming to an end, and kids are already back in school. However, there are still plenty of pleasant weekends ahead for getting out on the water. While some in Louisiana may try to cram as much fun and enjoyment into these waning days of summer, boaters may do well to heed reminders about the dangers of boating under the influence.

Louisiana police officer faces drug charges

Police officers are held to a higher standard, especially when it comes to avoiding any participation in criminal activity. When rumors surface of an officer facing accusations for criminal conduct, the public is often quick to judge before the evidence is presented. Recently, a Louisiana police officer was named after an investigation into suspected illegal activity. The officer is now facing drug charges and other accusations.

After conviction, DUI expungement may be possible

The good news is that the number of fatal crashes in Louisiana is dropping, possibly due to law enforcement working hard to keep drunk drivers off the road. The bad news for drunk drivers is that the number of DUI arrests over the Labor Day weekend was more than twice that of last year's holiday. While some of those charged with impaired driving were repeat offenders, others may be eligible for DUI expungement.

Even minor drug charges merit a strong defense

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you know that there is much at stake. Your personal freedoms are at risk, and you could be saddled with other fines and penalties that may affect multiple areas of your life. This is true for Louisiana residents who are currently under investigation for drug charges or are already dealing with a drug charge, even a minor one. 

Saints player facing drunk driving charges

Willie Snead, a player for the New Orleans Saints, is facing criminal charges related to an intoxicated driving accident in June. Earlier in the summer, he was arrested and charged with drunk driving and for failing to remain in control of his vehicle. The arrest came after law enforcement arrived on the scene of the accident and allegedly noticed signs of possible intoxication.