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Criminal defense may include questioning validity of evidence

| Aug 21, 2017 | criminal defense

Criminal investigations may take years to complete, and even then police may find no resolution. When the case involves a murder, investigators may feel especially driven to make an arrest and bring closure to family members and loved ones of the victim. While the evidence against someone accused of such crimes may seem foolproof, a strong criminal defense may certainly bring some doubt upon the validity of that evidence.

One example of a lengthy investigation is a Louisiana murder case from over a year ago. Police arrived at a residence after receiving a call about a shooting. Upon entering the home, officers came across a man who had been fatally shot. As they searched closets in the home, police found someone else who claimed to have witnessed the incident.

Police collected evidence from the scene and determined the identity of the alleged shooter through DNA analysis. When officers arrested the man they believed responsible, the man apparently gave a detailed confession, including implicating another man for transporting him to and from the murder scene. Using the confession and information from supposed witnesses, police arrested the implicated man and charged him with second-degree murder.  

Criminal defense attorneys know that eyewitness testimony is not always reliable. Additionally, the information offered in a confession during police interrogation may be based upon ulterior motives. Finally, the reliability of DNA and other forensic evidence cannot always be trusted due to questionable practices in some crime labs. Knowing such things, someone in Louisiana has every reason to seek the assistance of an attorney when facing criminal charges.

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