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August 2017 Archives

Man suspected of boating under the influence in Louisiana

For many people visiting Louisiana, taking a boat ride on a river is a relaxing, fun way to pass an afternoon. Unfortunately, such an activity turned into tragedy after a boating accident on a river reportedly resulted in the death of a young boy. Police claim that boating under the influence may have been a factor in the accident and have since made an arrest.

Man charged with vehicular homicide following accident

Construction zones are notoriously confusing. Workers often must reroute traffic patterns, employ random stops and move through traffic with machinery to complete their projects. In certain areas of Louisiana, construction areas become congested, and accidents are all-too-common. Recently, however, an accident occurred that resulted in the death of a woman and the arrest of a driver for vehicular homicide.

Criminal defense may include questioning validity of evidence

Criminal investigations may take years to complete, and even then police may find no resolution. When the case involves a murder, investigators may feel especially driven to make an arrest and bring closure to family members and loved ones of the victim. While the evidence against someone accused of such crimes may seem foolproof, a strong criminal defense may certainly bring some doubt upon the validity of that evidence.

Drunk driving charges for Louisiana man after fatal accident

Driving under the influence is never acceptable, and those who do so place others' lives in danger. However, it is also true that Louisiana law enforcement may sometimes be overly zealous in their attempts to stop drunk driving. Additionally, tests that determine the intoxication of a driver are not always reliable, and the precision of this kind of evidence is crucial when a driver is accused of vehicular homicide.

Many changes to Louisiana laws including for criminal defense

There are many new laws coming to Louisiana this month. In fact, a recent report suggests that there are over 200 changes being made to the state's laws. Many of these could affect those who have been accused of a crime and must present a criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Police say Louisiana man fled after shooting

A Louisiana school was in lockdown recently after an incident that occurred on a hot summer morning. The event that led to the school being placed on the heightened security level occurred at a nearby Burger King. The lockdown was lifted after police ended their search. The suspect remained at large, though he will likely face charges when caught. A criminal defense counsel will ultimately help the man defend against any formal charges.