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June 2017 Archives

Louisiana official faces drug charges after arrest

A Louisiana City Marshal has been arrested and is awaiting trial. However, like others who have been similarly accused of drug charges and other crimes, he has been released on his on recognizance. This is an important step for those who have been accused, as it can give them time to work to defend themselves against such serious accusations.

Drunk driving leaves Louisiana teen with severe injuries

It can be tragic when an accident happens that leaves a person injured. This is especially true when the victim is a child or teen. This is what occurred in Louisiana on a warm spring evening in 2008, when the lives of two people were changed forever as a result of drunk driving.

What are the consequences for DUI-related vehicular homicide?

A person who drives while drunk puts his or her own life at risk and also endangers others in or near the roadway. Sadly, DUI-related crashes happen all too frequently and with them come numerous fatalities. In Louisiana, those who are suspected of causing a fatal accident while driving drunk will likely be charged with vehicular homicide. What are the consequences associated with a conviction on such a charge?

Clear your record by seeking a DUI expungement

Having a DUI on your record can hurt you in a number of ways. Did you know that you may be able to seek to have it removed by seeking a DUI expungement? While not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish, it can be done under the right circumstances, and a Louisiana criminal defense attorney can help you through the process.

Weapon and drug charges filed against 6 Louisiana residents

Law enforcement officials in Shreveport work diligently to crack down on the use and movement of illegal drugs in the area. In doing so, numerous people are often arrested. In a recent drug bust, a total of six people were taken into police custody. Some of them are facing weapons charges, and all are facing drug charges as a result.

Filing a civil claim for damages after a motor vehicle accident

Are you suffering the consequences of a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver's negligence or impairment? You might have to get used to an entirely new lifestyle if your injuries caused a permanent disability -- not to mention the financial challenges you suddenly may be facing. Fortunately, the Louisiana civil judicial system allows injured victims of drunk driving and many other accidents to pursue recovery of damages.

Don't get hit with a boating under the influence charge

As Louisiana residents have officially started their summer break activities, more people can be found out on their boats. It can be a great past time, but it can also be a dangerous one. The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department has recently issued a reminder about safety precautions everyone should take when enjoying time on the water. One involves drinking and driving. Boating under the influence is not only unsafe, it is illegal and can end up ruining more than just one's summer break if one is charged and convicted.

Criminal defense: Prescription drugs and driving don't always mix

The DUI charge against Tiger Woods has made national headlines for two reasons: his celebrity and the reason behind his impairment. Mr. Woods is said to have been impaired by prescription drugs while driving. He was found asleep at his wheel while parked on the side of a six lane highway. While this incident occurred in another state, Louisiana residents who are found operating their vehicles while under the influence of legally or illegally obtained prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications may end up needing assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them fight their cases in court.