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April 2017 Archives

Louisiana man facing weapon and drug charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man who they say was wanted on a domestic violence charge. In their attempt to make the arrest, the accused allegedly fled via car and then by foot. However, a police canine eventually found the accused and he was then taken into custody. He is now facing several criminal charges including weapon and drug charges.

Louisiana criminal defense: Fighting an assault charge

According to the laws of Louisiana, an assault charge can carry some significant consequences if one is convicted. For this reason, if one is accused of such a crime, choosing the right criminal defense strategy is key. This week's column will address two common defenses used in assault cases.

Boating under the influence Q and A

There are many Louisiana residents who may not be aware that operating a water vehicle while impaired by alcohol is considered illegal according to both state and federal laws. So, when someone is pulled over and arrested for boating under the influence (BUI), it is reasonable that he or she would have questions that need answers. This week's column with discuss a couple of common questions about BUI.

Feeling cross after a crossroads collision?

The days of leisurely Sunday drives on windy country roads, traveling with a top down in a convertible, or piled into a family station wagon are all but gone from the American landscape. Nowadays, many people in Louisiana and elsewhere dread getting behind the wheel for any non-essential reason because roadways are often so dangerous due to negligent and reckless drivers. In fact, intersections in this state and beyond are some of the most dangerous places in the nation when it comes to automobile travel.

Vehicular assault or homicide: Woman arrested after fatal wreck

The woman believed responsible for a fatal wreck in Louisiana was recently released from jail. According to reports, this individual is charged with a myriad of offenses, including vehicular assault and homicide. Vehicular assault or homicide are crimes that are not treated lightly in court. While the accused may have been released on bond, she still has a long legal battle in front of her.