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March 2017 Archives

Louisiana mailman arrested for drunk driving while on the job

Police in Louisiana were alerted to a situation in the River Ridge area involving a mailman who was allegedly intoxicated while on the job. The incident in question reportedly occurred in the afternoon of March 24. The accused was promptly arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Field sobriety testing asked of those suspected of drunk driving

Those in Louisiana who are suspected of driving while drunk will likely be pulled over by law enforcement officials. When this happens, they will be asked to perform what are known as field sobriety tests. If these tests show any signs drunk driving, the suspect will be arrested and charged accordingly.

Louisiana criminal defense: 4 men facing sex crime charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested four men who they believe are responsible for committing sex crimes against children. The accusations against each of the accused are quite serious and could have a dramatic impact on their lives should they be convicted in a court of law. As each of these gentlemen have so much on the line, they would likely benefit from the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney in order to fight their individual cases.

Did you see that? If not, you might be driving while distracted

Any time you divert your attention from driving, you risk your life and the lives of everyone around you, including your passengers. If you take your eyes off the road for even a few seconds, you could cause an accident. With the invention of texting, the problem seems to have increased exponentially.

Know your options before entering a plea for sexual assault

A sexual assault charge could throw your whole world into turmoil. First, there is the social stigma associated with being accused of physically violating another person. And then there are the legal costs and awkwardness inherent in having to defend yourself.

A float plan gives you back up while boating

Spring is on the horizon, and for Louisiana boaters, that is very welcome news indeed. Thanks to the abundance of waterways throughout the state, we have ample opportunity to set sail and spend the day fishing, water skiing or just enjoying the company of family and friends.

How an attorney can assist with a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is considered a major felony in Louisiana. As a crime committed while drinking under the influence, most drivers face harsh DUI laws that can threaten their freedom. Drinking is not a crime, but endangering your life and those of pedestrians is still considered a major offense. In most cases, prosecutors tend to intimidate the accused party with various penalties that are guaranteed to rattle their cage.

What factors impact the severity of drug trafficking convictions?

Virtually any drug charge can have an impact on your life. Even a simple marijuana possession conviction can become problematic because it stays on your record. But as society has advanced, there is less scrutiny placed on those who have a drug-related legal blemish in their background. However, there are some types of drug-related charges that are considered very serious and a conviction for such offenses could not only land you in prison, but could have a negative impact on your life after you have finished your sentence.