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Drug crime arrest or conviction: unquestionably, serious business

by | Dec 2, 2016 | drug charges

Comparatively speaking, Louisiana has always been a state where the approach of criminal law authorities toward drug crimes is uncompromisingly harsh.

That is, any individual who is targeted in a drug probe by state and/or federal law enforcers will unquestionably be in for an unforgettable experience and potentially adverse outcome that will entail consequences for a lifetime.

That is just a flat reality, and something we note on a relevant page of our criminal defense website at the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, LLC, in Shreveport. We note therein that, “Being convicted for a serious drug crime can effectively end your life.”

Given such a possibility, many persons charged with a drug crime reasonably seek to enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable and aggressive defense attorney without delay.

Doing so can make a difference, given that proven counsel will closely examine every element in the government’s case and insist that it be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our firm’s principal attorney, who brings more than two decades of on-point experience to his advocacy of clients in drug-crimes cases, employs an exacting and methodical strategy for every client he represents. As we duly note on our website, Mark D. Frederick “responds with in-depth investigation of your charges, aggressive negotiations with the government and forceful litigation against it if a trial is necessary.”

Perhaps law enforcers lacked probable cause to even commence an initial interaction with an individual in a drug case. They might have acted unlawfully by proceeding without a required warrant, which could render any evidence seized legally inadmissible. Perhaps a prosecutor has overcharged an offense. Maybe an informant offered false testimony.

A proven defense attorney will look at every element of a case and pursue a strategy that is unstintingly focused on securing a best-case outcome.

Criminally charged individuals have legal rights. An experienced attorney will ensure that they are fully pursued and that a suspect’s interests are fully promoted.