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Threatening Facebook posts may require criminal defense

Social media has replaced many forms of communication in some people's lives. Some in Louisiana use social media for fun and entertainment, but others take it quite seriously. A person with an active Facebook page may read posts that range from health updates to complaints about work. However, those who use social media to make threats may find themselves in need of criminal defense attorneys.

One man found himself facing police at his home after a woman reported seeing threatening posts on his Facebook page. The 19-year-old man allegedly posted that he planned to commit a shooting at the apartment complex where the woman lived with the intent of killing the woman. She called police who responded to the apartment complex then obtained a warrant for the man's arrest.

Shreveport police took the man into custody, charging him with terrorizing. He was soon transferred to jail in Bossier City as a fugitive. From there he was moved to the maximum security facility in Bossier Parish where he is being held on a $150,000 bond.

While social media was originally intended for entertainment, it has become a primary source of communication and expression for many in Louisiana. Those who study social media trends recommend that users carefully consider their words before posting anything threatening or violent, since such posts may be taken seriously. It may be too late to delete a post if the writer regrets posting it. If such a post results in charges begin filed, it is advisable for that person to contact a lawyer for help in building a strong criminal defense.

Source:, "Man arrested for threatening to 'shoot up' Bossier apartment complex", Nov. 1, 2016

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