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Man who refused sobriety tests charged with drunk driving

A person who has been arrested or convicted of driving under the influence in Louisiana may be concerned about his or her future. Drunk driving charges can have a profound negative impact on one's personal and professional life. In addition to the embarrassment, a DUI on one's record may raise one's insurance premiums and limit one's chances for obtaining certain jobs or opportunities. One man may now be facing those uncertainties and limitations.

Recently, police had blocked traffic in both directions and were clearing the scene of an accident when a man got out of his car and approached them. He asked police if there was a way around the accident. One officer claimed he smelled alcohol on the man's breath, but the man said he had consumed only an energy drink. Nevertheless, the officer initiated a field sobriety test with another officer witnessing.

The 45-year-old man became confrontational and refused to complete the series of tests. He was arrested and read his rights, and he argued that he did not understand them. Upon arrival at the Louisiana police station, he again refused sobriety tests including a breath test. He was charged with a second offense driving while intoxicated and interfering with police investigation.

Because the man did not submit to a breath test, his attorney may be able to argue that there is no substantive proof of the man's intoxication. With each consecutive drunk driving offense, the penalties increase in severity. Since this is allegedly the man's second offense, it will be important for him to have experienced legal counsel who will make every effort to avoid jail time for the man.

Source:, "Collinston man accused of DWI after stop at crash scene", Ashley Mott, Nov. 15, 2016

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