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Seeking support when charged with drunk driving in Louisiana

Anyone pulled over in a traffic stop in Louisiana obviously wants to remain calm and cooperate with police. In fact, acting in a belligerent manner often leads to more trouble for a motorist. When a routine traffic stop results in drunk driving or other criminal charges, however, a driver will want to pay close attention to the process that unfolds in order to ensure that personal rights are protected. 

Drunk driving is a serious problem in many states, often leading to fatal accidents and devastation for victims' families. Because of this, the law tends to come down hard on those who choose to drink and drive. On the other hand, there are many situations where those accused of intoxicated driving avoid conviction and are even absolved of all charges.

The outcome of every incident is different. Successful results often hinge upon experienced and aggressive defense assistance. A criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended hundreds of other clients is typically able to assess a particular situation and determine how best to proceed to avoid being put behind bars, lose a job and/or a driver's license or otherwise suffer long-term negative impact because of one poor choice.

There are strict regulations guiding the actions of law enforcement officers when conducting field sobriety tests on suspicion of drunk driving. Anything you say or do during a Louisiana traffic stop can later be used to incriminate you in court. In order to begin building as strong a defense as possible right from the start, you may request immediate assistance by contacting the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, LLC.

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