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October 2016 Archives

20 people face drug charges after large ring busted

In Louisiana and across the country, law enforcement agencies lead the fight against drugs. Heroin and methamphetamine addiction is said to have reached epidemic levels, and task forces are forming in small towns and parishes as well as large cities. When investigations spread over long periods of time and involve numerous agencies, suspects may find themselves accused of multiple crimes in addition to drug charges.

Man arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment after crash

Single-vehicle accidents in Louisiana often mean the driver is the sole focus of investigators. He or she may be subjected to questions and procedures that are confusing and frightening, especially if he or she has had no previous encounters with law enforcement. However, if that person is suspected of drunk driving, he or she may rightly fear what the future may bring.

Tragedy brings boating under the influence into the spotlight

Recently, major league baseball fans in Louisiana and around the world were startled to learn of a boating accident that took the life of pitcher Jose Fernandez. While initial indications are that alcohol did not appear to be a factor, the public can expect that toxicology reports will be released soon to confirm that the athlete and his companions were not boating under the influence. Nevertheless, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued a reminder of the dangers of alcohol use on the waters.