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September 2016 Archives

Man charged with assaulting police must focus on criminal defense

In light of the tense atmosphere in Louisiana and other parts of the country, it may be difficult to predict the behavior of some people when they come in contact with law enforcement. A suspect may attempt to flee or turn and fight. In either case, it may leave police with few options. A recent altercation with police may have ended in tragedy. Instead, one man is likely consulting with a criminal defense attorney.

Louisiana woman faces drug charges for prescription fraud

The recent arrest of a Louisiana woman has again raised the concern that many have about the abuse of prescription drugs in the country. However, on a personal level, the accused woman may be facing a difficult future because of the drug charges she now faces. Conviction for drug crimes may mean a long prison term and the end of life as she knows it.

Car-jacking criminal defense may hinge on victim identification

Across the country, crimes involving guns seem to be on the rise. Being the victim of gun violence can be frightening and life-changing. One Louisiana man is recovering from a bullet wound received during a recent car-jacking at a gas station. Although they have not yet been captured, the men accused of committing this crime may already be considering contacting a criminal defense attorney.