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August 2016 Archives

Louisiana man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

The state of Louisiana is seldom lenient with intoxicated drivers. Being convicted of drunk driving -- even a first offense -- can mean fines, jail time and years of rehabilitation programs, as well as a lengthy suspension of one's driver's license. However, if an intoxicated driver is involved in an accident, he or she potentially faces a lifetime of retribution. One local man may be in that situation after a recent accident.

Louisiana man faces vehicular assault or homicide charges

Law enforcement takes seriously the duty to protect people from the danger of drivers whose reflexes and attention may be impaired. In Louisiana, the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are justifiably severe. When an allegedly intoxicated driver is also suspected of hurting or killing someone while behind the wheel, a charge of vehicular assault or homicide may be added.

Vehicular assault or homicide taken seriously in Louisiana

Police in Louisiana are rightfully concerned about people who drive while intoxicated. Law enforcement continually reminds drivers that operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious consequences. Being involved in an accident while intoxicated may result in vehicular assault or homicide charges if someone is injured or killed.

Louisiana man faces drug charges after police raid

With the growing awareness of drug addiction and the crimes that often accompany it, law enforcement agencies are bearing down on those suspected of being involved in illegal drug trade. Being convicted of drug charges can mean a lifetime of reparation, including a long prison sentence, high fines and an unforgiving criminal record. One man in Louisiana may be facing those possibilities after his recent arrest.

Boating under the influence may bring serious consequences

Summer vacation brings many people to the water for relaxation and recreation. This may mean gathering friends or family on your boat for an afternoon on one of the many waterways Louisiana has to offer. However, just as driving a car after drinking sometimes leads to vehicle collisions, boating under the influence may create similar problems.