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Criminal defense: driver charged in car accident

| Jul 7, 2016 | criminal defense

A state trooper is in stable condition following a crash on Interstate 55, according to local sources. The Louisiana State Trooper was struck by a vehicle on July 1. The driver of that vehicle is now facing charges of careless operation. It is unknown whether this individual has sought criminal defense representation at this time.

According to the accident report, the trooper had stopped her vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate to assist a motorist whose vehicle had broken down. The trooper reportedly deployed road flares and activated emergency lights to warn oncoming traffic of the accident site. However, a truck driven by a 28-year-old man still struck the back of the officer’s patrol car, causing the vehicle to crash into her.

The trooper was airlifted to a local hospital with injuries described as moderate. She is reportedly in stable condition as of this writing. The other driver was subsequently arrested and charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle. No court date has yet been publicly announced.

While it may seem surprising that a driver could miss the warnings laid out by the Louisiana State Trooper, it is still possible for a motorist to be caught unawares by such a situation with no criminal intent. In a situation where a driver is charged with careless operation, there must be evidence the driver was not paying attention to the road conditions in order for a conviction to be achieved in court. The driver may benefit from retaining criminal defense representation, which may help in combating such a charge.

Source:, “Driver charged in crash that hit trooper assisting disabled vehicle on I-55”, July 1, 2016