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2 face drug charges in Louisiana

| Jul 14, 2016 | drug charges

A man and a woman were arrested following a roadside investigation pertaining to allegedly switched license plates, according to local news. Louisiana police arrested the couple on June 30; they now face multiple drug charges based on evidence allegedly found in a search. No court date for either individual has been announced publicly at this time.

According to the police report, the 42-year-old woman and the 43-year-old man were pulled over by Tangipahoa Parish police around 5 p.m. after officers saw them allegedly pulling out of an abandoned residence off La. 1065. The area has recently been plagued with burglaries so the officers ran the plates, only to discover they apparently belonged to a different vehicle. They followed the couple to a nearby gas station.

The woman was taken into custody by deputies upon leaving the gas station’s convenience store and questioned about the switched plate on her vehicle. The man was detained by another officer while still in the store. The woman misidentified her passenger, but when his true identity was discovered, he was arrested as he was already wanted by the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole for drug violations. Upon searching his person, police say they found a syringe and a bag which they believed contained methamphetamine. A subsequent search of the vehicle is said to have revealed several more drugs including hydrocodone and Xanax.

Drug charges are taken very seriously by Louisiana authorities. However, it is the burden of the state to prove not only that drugs were in the possession of the accused couple, but more importantly, that this evidence was found through proper channels, including a Constitutionally-viable search of both person and vehicle. If it can be proved that one or both party’s rights were violated during the course of such a search, the evidence could be ruled as inadmissible when their court date comes around.

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