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July 2016 Archives

Criminal defense news: Louisiana senator charged with abuse

Local police arrested a prominent senator on the morning of July 18, according to Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office. This is not the first time the 44-year-old Louisiana senator has faced domestic abuse charges. Criminal defense representation has suggested there may be an alternate cause for his change in behavior, however. 

Teens focus on criminal defense after Louisiana robbery charges

A grand jury in Orleans Parish has returned multiple indictments against a group of teenagers believed to be responsible for a number of robberies in New Orleans over the course of a week, according to local sources. Louisiana authorities apprehended the youths, who faced a grand jury on July 21 for their alleged role in a variety of armed robberies. Understandably, their focus now is on preparing and presenting a meaningful criminal defense

2 face drug charges in Louisiana

A man and a woman were arrested following a roadside investigation pertaining to allegedly switched license plates, according to local news. Louisiana police arrested the couple on June 30; they now face multiple drug charges based on evidence allegedly found in a search. No court date for either individual has been announced publicly at this time. 

Criminal defense: driver charged in car accident

A state trooper is in stable condition following a crash on Interstate 55, according to local sources. The Louisiana State Trooper was struck by a vehicle on July 1. The driver of that vehicle is now facing charges of careless operation. It is unknown whether this individual has sought criminal defense representation at this time.