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Fatal crash leads to arrest of driver suspected of drunk driving

| Jun 2, 2016 | drunk driving

Any Louisiana driver who is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol will likely be considering the best strategy to contest the charges. A conviction on a drunk driving charge can lead to jail time, heavy fines and even an order to have a vehicle interlock ignition device installed. In cases in which fatalities resulted, the penalties will be even more severe.

Following a fatal crash in the early morning hours of a recent Friday morning, a driver who is suspected of driving while intoxicated was locked up by the Louisiana State Police. An accident report reports that a 27-year-old Prairieville man lost control of the pickup truck he was driving. This occurred at an intersection of LA 429 and LA 22. Reportedly, the out-of-control truck landed in a ditch after rolling over.

A 49-year-old female passenger was killed in this crash, and another passenger was seriously injured. Troopers said the driver suffered no injuries. They also alleged that a Breathalyzer test indicated that the driver’s blood alcohol content was as high as three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

Getting an experienced Louisiana drunk driving defense attorney on his side will likely be the most appropriate step this man can take. A lawyer will assess the details of the arrest and the charges. They include vehicular homicide and negligent injuring, along with driving on an expired driver’s license and operating a vehicle without being restrained by a seat belt. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, and a defense attorney will establish a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome under circumstances.

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