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Higher speed limits a surprising factor in car accidents

As a careful driver, you take all the necessary safety precautions behind the wheel. You wear your seat belt, keep a watchful eye out for other drivers and keep to the posted speed limit. While this certainly lowers your chances of being involved in a wreck, it does not protect you from reckless drivers.

Speeding is responsible for thousands of deaths every year and likely many more instances of personal injury. Louisiana motorists who drive above the posted speed limit caused 1,900 deaths in 2013. This is approximately the same number of lives saved by front airbags, which some view as "cancelling out" those life-saving effects.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man charged for impersonating officer

A man who claimed to be a Louisiana State Police trooper was arrested by officers that he claimed were colleagues. He has since been charged with impersonating an officer, which could require a vigorous criminal defense plan to minimize the impact on his future. He is also charged with public intimidation.

A police officer was apparently suspicious of two vehicles without trailers or boats that were parked in the lot of an area boat club. The vehicles were parked alongside one another, and the attending officer approached the one that had occupants -- a man and woman. The other vehicle was apparently empty.

Charged with aggravated drunk driving? This could be why

Charges for driving under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana are serious enough as is, but certain charges can be even more severe. Aggravated drunk driving charges are usually filed when certain factors are present during a DUI arrest. These charges also tend to carry potentially enhanced consequences that can impact a defendant's future.

Aggravating factors can vary greatly, depending on each individual situation. However, an exceptionally high blood-alcohol concentration level is a common factor when filing aggravated DUI charges. The legal BAC limit is .08 percent for drivers, and anything over that will usually result in drunk driving charges. However, when a person's BAC is much higher than the established legal limit, he or she will likely face aggravated charges.

Don't let drug charges ruin your life

Criminal allegations of any kind can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. Drug charges in particular can be especially devastating, as the criminal consequences tend to be severe, and a criminal record can follow you for years to come. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Louisiana, you could be facing years in jail.

For many defendants, a solid criminal defense begins with better understanding the circumstances of their arrest. You may have been arrested following a traffic stop or following an illegal search and seizure of your home and belongings. In some instances, police have coerced false confessions from people or even planted drugs on otherwise innocent individuals.

Louisiana police file drug charges after traffic stops

Louisiana police filed multiple charges following a traffic stop. The driver faces serious allegations, including several drug charges, careless operation, switched tags and several more. He is apparently still in police custody at an area correctional facility.

Police say that they spotted a vehicle weaving across several traffic lanes and initiated a traffic stop. The 45-year-old driver told the attending officers that he was weaving because he had been eating peanuts, so he used his knee to steer. However, his license was apparently suspended, and he was initially arrested on such charges.

Louisiana woman charged with vehicular homicide after crash

The driver of a fatal, single-vehicle accident was recently arrested by Louisiana police. Three people -- including the driver -- were injured in the wreck, and one other was killed. Charged with vehicular homicide amid other allegations, the driver is still in police custody and bond has not been set.

The 27-year-old woman was driving on LA 83 when she apparently veered off the roadway, although it is not clear why. Police say she then overcorrected as she attempted to return to her lane. Instead, the vehicle slid across to the other side of the highway, drove into a ditch and rolled.

Comprehensive criminal defense is key to success

Few life events are quite as frightening as facing criminal allegations. Many Louisiana defendants feel understandably confused and overwhelmed when faced with potential jail time and a criminal record. While this can feel isolating, you are not alone -- planning a comprehensive criminal defense alongside an experienced counsel can be incredibly helpful for anyone accused of a crime.

If you are facing a criminal charge, every aspect of your life can be impacted. Not only could you possibly have to spend months or even years behind jail, but you might also be on the hook for steep fines. This can apply to many different criminal charges, including:

  • DWI
  • Drug possession
  • Property crimes
  • Gun crimes
  • Assault and other violent crimes
  • And many more

Are you entitled to compensation for a traumatic brain injury

In the medical world, a seemingly mild head injury can end up being a serious and life-changing brain injury. Traumatic brain injury can easily have a negative and long-term effect on your employment, family and personal relationships.

Sometimes traumatic brain injuries occur in a car accident stemming from the negligence of a fellow driver on the road. Fortunately, if you have suffered a brain injury in Louisiana in a crash caused by another driver's recklessness, it is within your rights to seek to hold the other driver accountable for your injury and suffering.

Boating under the influence can have serious consequences

Ask perhaps anyone if driving while under the influence of alcohol is allowed, and most people would say "no." However, boating under the influence might be less clear. Many people in Louisiana enjoy going out on the water and enjoying a few beverages, but not everyone is aware of the potential legal implications of doing so.

Similar to traffic stops, law enforcement officials may stop boats to ensure that the operator and everyone on board is safe and following state and federal laws. Other watercraft -- including jet skis -- may also be stopped. An officer does not necessarily need to suspect drunken boating when making a stop, as officials enforce many different rules and regulations on the water.

What happens if I'm arrested for drunk driving?

Being arrested for driving under the influence is an understandably frightening ordeal. You likely understand just how serious the matter is, as Louisiana laws do not leave wiggle room for the nuance of human behavior, decision making and even the misguided judgment of law enforcement officials. When dealing with drunk driving charges, it is best to have experience on your side.

DUI charges are time-sensitive and require swift action, especially for those who hope to avoid losing total access to their driving privileges. Since proceedings can move quickly you might also be concerned about potential jail time. In some instances jail time might be swapped for community service, although this is only possible for first and second offenders.