Contested Divorce

Northwestern Louisiana Divorce Attorneys Aid Clients with Contested Divorce Cases

Sometimes, the end of a marriage can be ugly. A contested divorce is one in which you and your spouse disagree about some aspects of the divorce settlement or, for whatever reason, you cannot have a conversation about what your positions are. Dealing with these issues is vitally important, and the potentially problematic results of not being able to work through these disagreements reasonably, make it crucial that you hire an experienced attorney to represent you. Based in Shreveport, LA, the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick provides aggressive courtroom representation when litigation becomes necessary to protect his clients' rights. Whenever possible, contested divorce attorney Mark D. Frederick works with clients in North Louisiana to resolve divorce issues through mediation or litigation, as the case may be.

How to Deal with a Contested Divorce

Judges in divorce court cases rely on evidence to make decisions on issues such as child custody and visitation, distribution of property, and alimony. Shreveport, LA contested divorce attorney Mark D. Frederick prepares his cases using many of the following considerations:

  • Finding and demonstrating evidence of a history of issues within the marriage that may have or will impact the children in order to support client's case
  • Accounting for financial issues, including past earnings of both spouses, debt details, and family-owned businesses
  • Accurately inventorying marital assets-and items owned individually by clients
  • Identifying health and other issues of spouses and children that can affect the monetary value of support and potential custody

Mark D. Frederick works closely with clients to develop effective evidence for a favorable outcome to the trial. Attorney Frederick and his team know that the process is emotionally stressful, and are there for you every step of the way, helping you prepare to offer testimony, and helping you protect your family from heartache. Well aware that Louisiana clients typically pursue contested divorce in Shreveport as a last resort, and only when they cannot obtain fair settlement through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, he is compassionate as to what you are going through.

Experienced Support for Your Contested Divorce

Unfortunately, the contentious nature of many marital relationships can make any kind of amicable settlement nearly impossible. When contested divorce provides the best protection for clients, the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick prepares thoroughly for aggressive litigation in court. Become one of his many success stories: contact him today at his Shreveport office at 866-385-4007 to discuss your case