Child Custody

Shreveport Child Custody Attorney Strives to Make Child Custody Easier on Families

Divorce is difficult in many ways; there is both the change and upheaval of a family's situation, and there are often emotional, financial and physical stresses involved. Not only are you concerned about the emotional and financial impact the divorce will have on your own life, but you are also concerned about making good decisions for your children.

Making the right decision for your child now will impact that child's future. That is why you need a compassionate and experienced Louisiana child custody attorney to help you during this difficult time. Shreveport, LA child custody lawyer Mark D. Frederick works tirelessly to make the issue of determining child custody easier on the entire family. Call him today to discuss your concerns regarding child custody and visitation. The faster these issues are dealt with properly, the faster you and your family can move forward, and the better your child's emotional health will be.

Protecting Your Child's Best Interests

At the Northwestern Louisiana Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, he knows the process of determining custody can be one riddled with all kinds of emotions. He does everything in his power to make the process as painless as possible. He works with families to determine custody rights for the parents, which can include split-custody arrangements. He also helps create visitation schedules, and he can help with the determination of child support arrangements.

He can also be there for you after the initial changes have been made. For instance, if circumstances change and the visitation schedule is no longer workable, as when a parent moves out of the state, he can help with the modifications of the existing schedule. It is particularly important that you work with an attorney immediately when these kinds of circumstances arise. If you wait until your former spouse has left, you will most likely have to pursue a court order modification under the laws of the new state of residence. This is why it is vital to have a skilled and experienced child custody attorney, someone familiar with your circumstances, because things do change, and you don't want the child to be negatively impacted.

Contact Louisiana Child Custody Attorney at the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick for experienced assistance in ensuring that your child will have the best life possible in these new circumstances.

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