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vehicular assault or homicide Archives

Man charged with vehicular homicide following accident

Construction zones are notoriously confusing. Workers often must reroute traffic patterns, employ random stops and move through traffic with machinery to complete their projects. In certain areas of Louisiana, construction areas become congested, and accidents are all-too-common. Recently, however, an accident occurred that resulted in the death of a woman and the arrest of a driver for vehicular homicide.

Louisiana man faces long prison time after drunk driving plea

In Louisiana, the years that a person can face in prison when convicted of a crime can change depending on the criminal charge and the number of convictions for a certain crime. This is true for drunk driving as well. In fact, when a person is convicted of the offense multiple times, the years he or she spends in prison can become extremely long.

A vehicular homicide conviction comes with harsh penalties

Many fatal car accidents here in Louisiana do not result in criminal charges against the at-fault drivers, even though they may receive traffic citations. In some instances, of course, aggravating circumstances such as impairment can lead to charges of vehicular homicide. This is the charge that one woman faces in connection with a crash in Aug. 2016 in which the passenger died.

What are the consequences for DUI-related vehicular homicide?

A person who drives while drunk puts his or her own life at risk and also endangers others in or near the roadway. Sadly, DUI-related crashes happen all too frequently and with them come numerous fatalities. In Louisiana, those who are suspected of causing a fatal accident while driving drunk will likely be charged with vehicular homicide. What are the consequences associated with a conviction on such a charge?

Louisiana vehicular assault or homicide: Arrest made after crash

Striking a pedestrian with one's car would be a jarring event for anybody. Sadly, in many cases, the pedestrians do not survive. Depending on the outcome and the circumstances surrounding an accident like this, according to Louisiana laws one may be charged with vehicular assault or homicide.

Vehicular assault or homicide: Woman arrested after fatal wreck

The woman believed responsible for a fatal wreck in Louisiana was recently released from jail. According to reports, this individual is charged with a myriad of offenses, including vehicular assault and homicide. Vehicular assault or homicide are crimes that are not treated lightly in court. While the accused may have been released on bond, she still has a long legal battle in front of her.

How to handle the emotional burden of vehicular homicide charge

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes have horrible consequences. And if your mistake led to the loss of human life, there is nothing you can do to fully make amends.  It may be hard to reconcile, but you will have to live with what happened, even if you never met anyone any harm.

Defense against a vehicular assault or homicide charge

Motorists convicted of DUI charges are widely considered as incompetent drivers and are liable to harsh and unforgiving DUI laws in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you are arrested for a felony DWI charge, do not hesitate to contact an experienced DUI attorney to aggressively defend your rights. Possessing a DUI charge can adversely affect your life in more ways than you can imagine. Not only is your reputation questioned but you also risk spending time in jail and your license can be revoked.

Louisiana's vehicular homicide laws call for tough sentences

It can be a nightmare come to life; you're involved in an accident that took another person's life. And if it happened while you were driving under the influence, you will likely be facing the very serious charge of vehicular homicide. In Louisiana, even the minimum penalties for a conviction will have you spending a serious amount of time in prison.

Louisiana man faces vehicular assault or homicide charges

Law enforcement takes seriously the duty to protect people from the danger of drivers whose reflexes and attention may be impaired. In Louisiana, the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are justifiably severe. When an allegedly intoxicated driver is also suspected of hurting or killing someone while behind the wheel, a charge of vehicular assault or homicide may be added.