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Louisiana criminal defense: What is a diversion program?

In Louisiana and elsewhere, alternative sentencing is possible for those who commit certain crimes. The diversion program offers treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment. One's criminal defense attorney can pursue this option if the situation meets the necessary qualifications.

What factors impact the severity of drug trafficking convictions?

Virtually any drug charge can have an impact on your life. Even a simple marijuana possession conviction can become problematic because it stays on your record. But as society has advanced, there is less scrutiny placed on those who have a drug-related legal blemish in their background. However, there are some types of drug-related charges that are considered very serious and a conviction for such offenses could not only land you in prison, but could have a negative impact on your life after you have finished your sentence.

Why is it so hard for addicts to quit using drugs?

One of the most positive trends over the years has been the recognition of the problems faced by those struggling with drug addiction. There was a time when a substance abuse issue was considered a moral failing, rather than a symptom of a complicated condition. But even today, there are still some misconceptions about the nature of addiction.

How a Reliable Attorney Can Expunge Drug Charges from Your Record

Drug possession is considered a serious felony in Louisiana. Not only do suspects face considerable jail time, but also face the possibility of strict probation rules and hefty fines upon their release. If you think Louisiana is a good place for a quick fix or roll of joint, then think again. Being convicted of drug-related crimes can have an adverse impact on your life. A damaged reputation and loss of credibility at the workplace are the first signs of a doomed existence.

Louisiana man sentenced to 13 years for marijuana possession

If you think the state of Louisiana is a good place to be facing drug charges, think again. The Bayou State has one of the toughest stances against drug offenders in the country. In fact, the case of a man who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for possessing two joints worth of marijuana should serve as ample proof.

20 people face drug charges after large ring busted

In Louisiana and across the country, law enforcement agencies lead the fight against drugs. Heroin and methamphetamine addiction is said to have reached epidemic levels, and task forces are forming in small towns and parishes as well as large cities. When investigations spread over long periods of time and involve numerous agencies, suspects may find themselves accused of multiple crimes in addition to drug charges.

Louisiana woman faces drug charges for prescription fraud

The recent arrest of a Louisiana woman has again raised the concern that many have about the abuse of prescription drugs in the country. However, on a personal level, the accused woman may be facing a difficult future because of the drug charges she now faces. Conviction for drug crimes may mean a long prison term and the end of life as she knows it.