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Louisiana police officer faces drug charges

Police officers are held to a higher standard, especially when it comes to avoiding any participation in criminal activity. When rumors surface of an officer facing accusations for criminal conduct, the public is often quick to judge before the evidence is presented. Recently, a Louisiana police officer was named after an investigation into suspected illegal activity. The officer is now facing drug charges and other accusations.

Even minor drug charges merit a strong defense

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you know that there is much at stake. Your personal freedoms are at risk, and you could be saddled with other fines and penalties that may affect multiple areas of your life. This is true for Louisiana residents who are currently under investigation for drug charges or are already dealing with a drug charge, even a minor one. 

Louisiana drug charges filed against couple after traffic stop

The penalties for a conviction in Louisiana can be severe, depending upon the crime involved. Those found guilty of some drug charges can face up to 30 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. Nevertheless, those consequences can only follow a criminal conviction, and government prosecutors must first prove each and every element of the charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. That is often a difficult standard to meet. 

Louisiana official faces drug charges after arrest

A Louisiana City Marshal has been arrested and is awaiting trial. However, like others who have been similarly accused of drug charges and other crimes, he has been released on his on recognizance. This is an important step for those who have been accused, as it can give them time to work to defend themselves against such serious accusations.

Weapon and drug charges filed against 6 Louisiana residents

Law enforcement officials in Shreveport work diligently to crack down on the use and movement of illegal drugs in the area. In doing so, numerous people are often arrested. In a recent drug bust, a total of six people were taken into police custody. Some of them are facing weapons charges, and all are facing drug charges as a result.

Traffic stop results in firearm and drug charges

A Louisiana man was pulled over by deputies on May 17 for failing to come to a complete stop at an intersection and turning without using a signal. Law enforcement officials ended up searching the man's vehicle and claim to have found drugs inside. This led to a home search and, ultimately, the man's arrest on firearm and drug charges.

Louisiana criminal defense: What is a diversion program?

In Louisiana and elsewhere, alternative sentencing is possible for those who commit certain crimes. The diversion program offers treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment. One's criminal defense attorney can pursue this option if the situation meets the necessary qualifications.

What factors impact the severity of drug trafficking convictions?

Virtually any drug charge can have an impact on your life. Even a simple marijuana possession conviction can become problematic because it stays on your record. But as society has advanced, there is less scrutiny placed on those who have a drug-related legal blemish in their background. However, there are some types of drug-related charges that are considered very serious and a conviction for such offenses could not only land you in prison, but could have a negative impact on your life after you have finished your sentence.