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Louisiana criminal defense: Criminal justice reform coming

As it currently stands, Louisiana has the highest prison population in the country. This is something that the state is trying to remedy, however. Several bills are currently being reviewed that would change several things about the criminal justice system and even save the state millions of dollars over the next decade. While, if passed, it is meant to help those accused of crimes going forward, those currently serving prison sentences may be able to seek early release with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

Louisiana criminal defense: Burglary, what is is exactly?

There are a lot of people that think of burglary, theft and robbery as the same thing, but they are not. Theft and robbery refer to the actual taking of something that belongs to someone else, with or without force. Burglary, on the other hand, refers to unlawful entry into a property with intent to commit any sort of crime. In Louisiana, burglary is a felony offense, and as such, a person charged with this crime would likely benefit from the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help fight his or her case in court.

Louisiana criminal defense: Fighting an assault charge

According to the laws of Louisiana, an assault charge can carry some significant consequences if one is convicted. For this reason, if one is accused of such a crime, choosing the right criminal defense strategy is key. This week's column will address two common defenses used in assault cases.

Louisiana criminal defense: 4 men facing sex crime charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested four men who they believe are responsible for committing sex crimes against children. The accusations against each of the accused are quite serious and could have a dramatic impact on their lives should they be convicted in a court of law. As each of these gentlemen have so much on the line, they would likely benefit from the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney in order to fight their individual cases.

Know your options before entering a plea for sexual assault

A sexual assault charge could throw your whole world into turmoil. First, there is the social stigma associated with being accused of physically violating another person. And then there are the legal costs and awkwardness inherent in having to defend yourself.

How your Fourth Amendment Rights give you protection, part 2

An encounter with the police can be a frightening experience if you believe they are trying to connect you to a crime. But fortunately, the Constitution of the United States clearly states that citizens have rights when encountering law enforcement officials.

How your Fourth Amendment Rights give you protection, part 1

Thanks to the United States Constitution, we are empowered with certain rights that offer protection from unfair treatment on behalf of the police or any other law enforcement agency. And some of our most important rights are contained in the Constitution's Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment addresses the issue of searches and seizures, and the better you understand your rights, the better your chance of having them upheld.

What are the statutes of limitations in Louisiana?

A statute of limitation is a rule that puts a time limit on prosecutions for certain crimes. In other words, if someone who's suspected of committing a crime doesn't have charges filed against them for a preset amount of time, they then become immune to prosecution for that particular crime.

Man charged with assaulting police must focus on criminal defense

In light of the tense atmosphere in Louisiana and other parts of the country, it may be difficult to predict the behavior of some people when they come in contact with law enforcement. A suspect may attempt to flee or turn and fight. In either case, it may leave police with few options. A recent altercation with police may have ended in tragedy. Instead, one man is likely consulting with a criminal defense attorney.

Car-jacking criminal defense may hinge on victim identification

Across the country, crimes involving guns seem to be on the rise. Being the victim of gun violence can be frightening and life-changing. One Louisiana man is recovering from a bullet wound received during a recent car-jacking at a gas station. Although they have not yet been captured, the men accused of committing this crime may already be considering contacting a criminal defense attorney.