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A vehicular homicide conviction comes with harsh penalties

Many fatal car accidents here in Louisiana do not result in criminal charges against the at-fault drivers, even though they may receive traffic citations. In some instances, of course, aggravating circumstances such as impairment can lead to charges of vehicular homicide. This is the charge that one woman faces in connection with a crash in Aug. 2016 in which the passenger died.

On Aug. 10, 2016, at around 1:20 p.m., the vehicle the 50-year-old woman was driving first hit one pole and then continued on for approximately 80 feet before crashing head-on into another pole. Her passenger died at the scene, and she suffered serious injuries. During the course of the investigation, police claim that the woman was driving at a high rate of speed and was high on cocaine.

Louisiana drug charges filed against couple after traffic stop

The penalties for a conviction in Louisiana can be severe, depending upon the crime involved. Those found guilty of some drug charges can face up to 30 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. Nevertheless, those consequences can only follow a criminal conviction, and government prosecutors must first prove each and every element of the charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. That is often a difficult standard to meet. 

One couple facing Louisiana drug charges could face the harshest of penalties. According to a recent report, the couple, who live in another state, were in a vehicle on I-10 when they were stopped for a relatively minor traffic offense (allegedly following behind another vehicle too closely). During the stop, police searched the vehicle and say they discovered 5 pounds of cocaine. Police estimated the value of the drugs to be in excess of $45,000.

Louisiana drunk driving charge filed against 2 people

Criminal charges for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are treated seriously in Louisiana, which is understandable. If police suspect someone of being a drunk driver, that individual will likely be stopped and questioned. Many times, field sobriety tests and a Breathalyzer test will be administered. If the driver fails, an arrest will likely follow.

One recent Louisiana drunk driving case actually resulted in two separate arrests. A driver was stopped by police who say he and other occupants of the vehicle were drunk. The driver was arrested, the vehicle impounded and the passengers were sent on their way by taxi. 

Distracted driving: a threat to everyone on Louisiana roads

Distractions of all kinds are particularly dangerous when they affect a driver's ability to focus on the task at hand. A driver should always focus on the road and safe driving, as even a moment of distraction can have devastating consequences. 

Distracted driving includes any activity that takes a driver's attention for any amount of time. While distraction most often relates to cell phone use, various other things could result in distracted, and therefore dangerous, driving. Individuals who make the choice to participate in distracting activities while operating a vehicle can be financially liable for any damages caused by this decision.

Louisiana police looking for boating under the influence

People in Louisiana love to get out on the water, especially over the holidays. Enjoying the waves, the sunshine and the outdoors is a significant part of the lifestyle of our state. However, some people may have a little too much to drink while out enjoying the waterways, and end up facing an accusation of boating under the influence.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries were patrolling the waters in force over the holiday weekend and will be throughout the summer. Their focus is on looking for boaters who have been drinking.  According to authorities, those who have overconsumed may exhibit signs such as slow reaction time and lack of balance.

Louisiana official faces drug charges after arrest

A Louisiana City Marshal has been arrested and is awaiting trial. However, like others who have been similarly accused of drug charges and other crimes, he has been released on his on recognizance. This is an important step for those who have been accused, as it can give them time to work to defend themselves against such serious accusations.

The City Marshall is accused of drug charges and additional accusations, which included resisting an officer, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and a weapons charge. Authorities say that the criminal charges came after a multi-department investigation. No further details were provided at the time of the arrest.

Drunk driving leaves Louisiana teen with severe injuries

It can be tragic when an accident happens that leaves a person injured. This is especially true when the victim is a child or teen. This is what occurred in Louisiana on a warm spring evening in 2008, when the lives of two people were changed forever as a result of drunk driving.

According to the records, one of the drivers involved in the drunk driving incident had her Louisiana driver's permit the night of the crash. She was driving a friend's car, and he sat next to her as was required for her permit. The other vehicle was driven by a young woman who would later admit to having had many drinks over the course of the day before the car wreck.

What are the consequences for DUI-related vehicular homicide?

A person who drives while drunk puts his or her own life at risk and also endangers others in or near the roadway. Sadly, DUI-related crashes happen all too frequently and with them come numerous fatalities. In Louisiana, those who are suspected of causing a fatal accident while driving drunk will likely be charged with vehicular homicide. What are the consequences associated with a conviction on such a charge?

The state takes alcohol-related crimes very seriously. If one is accused of involuntarily killing someone because of driving while under the influence, he or she could spend anywhere from three years to 30 years in prison. If one is also charged and convicted of other crimes, the length of imprisonment may be longer.

Clear your record by seeking a DUI expungement

Having a DUI on your record can hurt you in a number of ways. Did you know that you may be able to seek to have it removed by seeking a DUI expungement? While not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish, it can be done under the right circumstances, and a Louisiana criminal defense attorney can help you through the process.

How do I seek a DUI expungement? Every state has different laws regarding DUI expungements. In Louisiana, you may seek to have your criminal conviction set aside and expunged only after the terms of your conviction have been met. To do this, you will need to petition the court, supply various documents to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and maintain a clean criminal record. Finally, the district attorney and court will have to agree that an expungement is justified.

Weapon and drug charges filed against 6 Louisiana residents

Law enforcement officials in Shreveport work diligently to crack down on the use and movement of illegal drugs in the area. In doing so, numerous people are often arrested. In a recent drug bust, a total of six people were taken into police custody. Some of them are facing weapons charges, and all are facing drug charges as a result.

According to a local news report, on June 2, members of the Shreveport Police Department and the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office searched a home on Jackson Street. In the house, agents supposedly found crack cocaine, Xanax, two types of marijuana, MDMA and several weapons. The individuals in the home at the time of the search were all arrested and transported to Caddo Correctional Center.